Nam Viet Furniture Trading Manufacturing JSC


Nam Viet Furniture Trading Manufacturing JSC is a young and ambitious production and trading company specialized in garden furniture.

Our goal is to completely unburden our valued customers, being the larger production facilities, by taking care of the sourcing and production of high-quality and design products.

Often these are product categories that require an above-average amount of attention and specialism, where our customers prefer to focus on more standard production categories for production on a larger scale and in a simpler way.


Founded in 2018, Nam Viet is a relatively young company. It ensures that the company can adopt a very dynamic, flexible and customer-oriented attitude. Nam Viet is not bound to deadlocked procedures associated with bureaucratic companies, but is characterized by a fresh mind and thinking and acting in innovations, purely in the interest of the customer.

Since 2018, we have started steady growth. Where our activities started with purely trading garden furniture and the production of semi product weaving, major changes were initiated in 2019 and 2020. Hence a much larger factory was put into operation to meet the demand in an improved professional manner.


The production planning, method and quality are some of our core values of the company. These 3 pillars ensure that we can manufacture products on time with the right quality in a sustainable way. Our specialization can traditionally be found in products with alu frames.

But nowadays this has expanded considerably to wicker, wood and rope products plus every conceivable combination thereof. In addition, we also supply the cushions as desired, as well as the labels and packaging. Of course everything is monitored and not a single product leaves the factory after being subject to strict quality control and reporting.